Sunday, September 9, 2012

Inspiring Anice Jewellery

Strolling through Toronto’s hip and eclectic Kensington Market, your eyes will be treated to a variety of beautiful clothing and jewellery stores. One of those stores shines out like a beacon on a cacophony-filled street – Anice Jewellery.

Founded seven years ago, Brittany Anice Catherine Hopkins created her unique brand of jewels after finding inspiration in her own grandmother. Brittany vividly recalls on her website being a 4-year-old girl fascinated with the jewels her grandmother wore and wishing to wear them when she was older. She has now realized that dream. Certified with a diploma in Goldsmithing and Jewellery Arts (as well as a diploma in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship & Innovation) Brittany is a true connoisseur of jewel creation.
Brittany specializes in the art of mixing old gems and new materials, with the ultimate goal of creating one-of-a-kind jewellery. On top of her own vintage and modern creations, Brittany works with clients who wish for their own unique jewellery visions to come to life. Visiting the Anice store, you will find a variety of antique treasures that you can use to create your own stunning piece of jewellery that people will stop you on the street to ask you about.

The Anice store also holds private and open workshops where you can learn the art of fixing or re-working your own broken/old jewellery yourself. Come on in and be inspired!

“Anice wishes you inspiration every day; that you may give love to yourself and those around you, and hopes to encourage you to wear jewellery fearlessly.”

Anice – A Jewel Boutique
167 Augusta Avenue
Toronto, ON
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Jasmin is a freelance writer currently based in Kingston, ON. 

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