Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Art of Fashion Raw 2012 - Design Finalists, Part 1!

With the Art of Fashion Raw 2012 design competition rapidly approaching, it's time to take a look at some of the amazing participating designers this year.

First up, Ryan Joelson from Ryerson University. In his collection for Raw, Ryan will show how synthetic textiles like polyester can be made into works of beautiful, fashionable art. His unique approach to treating and adorning the materials will both inspire and intrigue you.

Devlyn van Loon is a designer and illustrator from Toronto. Currently studying abroad in Auckland, New Zealand, Devyln's Raw collection is a study in deconstruction and emotional impressions. The pared down colours and forms truly become a part of your own body and identity.

Finally, Anouk Moran creates "The Resplendent Warrior", a collection that seeks to meld the relationship between the wearer, nature and even armour. The collection is both feminine and masculine, romantic and strong. These juxtapositions come to life in vibrant colour and refined tailoring.

With the show rapidly approaching this weekend, be sure to check back as we preview more of the outstanding and talented designers competing for the title of Canada's most promising designer. Come out and support Canadian fashion!

Jasmin is a freelance writer currently based in Kingston, ON. 

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