Friday, March 19, 2010

Countdown Begins for Toronto Fashion Week

The countdown to Toronto’s Fashion Week has officially begun!  The event kicks off on Sunday, March 28th – and at Art of Fashion, we just can’t wait.

Art of Fashion’s very own Zoran Dobric will be unveiling his latest collection on Tuesday, March 30th at 5pm at the Allstream Centre (105 Princes Blvd).  Zoran was the winner of Art of Fashion’s 2004 Most Promising Designer award, and he’s also a valued member of our Board, so be sure to check out his show.

In the news lately, much talk about Fashion Week’s last-minute venue choice.  The event was originally supposed to be held in a large warehouse at 30 Ordnance St, but on March 10th, only 18 days before the opening ceremonies, the venue has been changed to the Allstream Centre.

Fashion Design Council of Canada’s Robin Kay said that it’s been a tough season for the design council and that, while she’d like to see Fashion Week have its own “permanent home,” it needs a larger space because it keeps growing.

Word is, much of Toronto’s fashion community is bemoaning the switch from the more “romantic” ambience at 30 Ordnance to the more generic, conference-centre-style ambience of the Allstream building.  In a release, the Fashion Design Council of Canada stated that Fashion Week simply “requires a much larger canvas to articulate its vision."

So take note of the change of venue before you hit any shows and be sure to make the most of this city’s big fashion extravaganza. 

Image: George Stojkovic /

Friday, March 12, 2010

Fashion Shows go 3D

Doesn't seem like everything is in 3D these days?  Well, the fashion industry is no exception!

On Wednesday, March 17th, Nada Shepherd pre-empts Toronto's Fashion Week with a whole new kind of fashion show - a 3D film!  The presentation will be held at Scotiabank Theatre and features the designer's fall/winter collection.

According to the article in Toronto Life, Shepherd is making a statement about the fashion industry:

"So much of fashion has become about celebrity," the designer is quoted as saying, "about being in the front row and getting there first.  We’ve lost the meaning behind shows, and we’re ignoring the clothing.”

The magazine goes on to say that Shepherd was sold on the idea when she saw a 3D test run of one of her fur pieces: "its depth and texture virtually heightened, the hairs casting a mystic and furry aura that floated around the model with each detail crystallized".

The film launch is open only to an invited audience of fashion and media industry insiders.

Photo credit: © Jim Hughes |