Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Toronto Men's Fashion Week TOM*: Christopher Bates

This past week, Toronto hosted its first Men’s Fashion week, following in the steps of many of the largest and most influential capitals.  Among the highlights of the week was Christopher Bates closing show on Tuesday night. 

Bates’ updated mens sartorial designs have made him a mainstay on Toronto runways and a highlight of the Canadian menswear design scene.

Bates runway show began with a short film encapsulated his contemporary aesthetic and sartorial designs that were soon sent down the runway. 

Bates showcased his new line, which featured a myriad of pieces that exuded a cool and collected confidence from the more classic and refined tuxedo to the more casual and relaxed knits. 

The line featured classic garments with updated and exciting details, which has become Bates trademark. 

The lipstick stain on the shirt collar featured heavily throughout the show was a highlight for those in attendance.  Bates showed tailored shorts, suspenders and laidback knits that will continue to sustain his reputation as a purveyor of smart-casual contemporary design.