Monday, March 18, 2013

LKISStyle Blogging Contest: Choose the 2013 theme for Art of Fashion!


Join Art of Fashion, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting emerging designers in Canada, in helping us choose this year’s annual design competition theme.

As a fashion blogger we invite you to become a part of this incredible event and work hand in hand with our team of volunteers to help foster the careers of up and coming designers.

Every year, the Art of Fashion committee selects 10 design finalists to participate in our annual design competition. Finalists are selected based on their sketches, design experience and interpretation to the theme.

Two awards are handed out the night of the event including Most Promising Designer and People’s Choice Award. Each of our winners will receive a prize pack valued over $65,000 dedicated to helping them foster their career in fashion design in Canada.

“Emerging Canadian fashion designers need a push to leverage them in the fashion industry. What Art of Fashion is achiev[ing] for them are opportunities for exposure and bringing down the creative barriers in the industry, opening it up to hungry consumers and buyers who want more from fashion… Art of Fashion is pushing the industry to do more for aspiring Canadians and break them out of the mould!”

Evan Biddell, Fashion Designer & 2007 Winner Project Runway Canada,

Art of Fashion 2008 Judge

The Contest
Art of Fashion is looking to engage the Fashion Blogging Community to select our theme for this year’s event. Each year, Art of Fashion decides on an overall theme for our design competition. This theme not only challenges our designers’ creativity but also acts as a unifier for the event.
Fashion designers apply based on a 6-piece collection inspired by our annual theme. We give the designers a description of the theme and ask them to create a collection based on their interpretation of the theme. We generally leave the theme vague and open to creativity.
The purpose of our theme is to capture upcoming trends in fashion so that the designer’s creations are on the cusp of what’s to come.
Who better to help us choose this year’s theme than those who live and breathe fashion: YOU! We have chosen you to brainstorm a theme idea and create a blog post around this for a chance to win!
Past themes include: Raw, Choreology, La Belle Epoque, Iconic Power and Between the Lines

The Ask
If you would like to participate in the 2013 Art of Fashion LKISStyle Theme Contest, you are expected to:
· Develop a theme for Art of Fashion 2013 that captures what you think is an important upcoming trend. Submit this theme in the form of a theme title and 100 word description to Lisa Kisber.
· Create a Blog Post that explains your theme (with graphics) by Mid April
· Winner will be announced on our website and through LKISStyle Blog

Why Participate?
For Participating:
+ All 10 design finalists will be featured on our website with a bio and photo and a description of their proposed theme.
+ All design finalists will be featured on our social media platform including facebook and twitter and our blog.

For our Winner:
+ The Winner of the AOF theme contest will be featured on our website, Twitter, Facebook, blog and marketing materials for the year
+ Have the opportunity to speak at the Art of Fashion 2013
+ Create a video blog to be featured on Art of Fashion website
+ Opportunity to interview 2013 designer finalists
+ Opportunity to participate as a judge at the 2013 event

What Art of Fashion can offer our Bloggers
+ Involvement in Unique and Innovative Programming
- An evening dedicated to celebrating emerging Canadian fashion talent
- AOF engages the community by making fashion accessible to the public.

+ Attractive Target Audience
- Over the past two decades AOF has cultivated a dedicated following of supporters.
- AOF attracts professionals 25-45 years of age who are Interested in culture and the arts.
- Large existing database: 10,000+ people

+ Strong Promotional Capabilities
- AOF has a powerful network of public relation professionals, lead by Michelle Planche (Paradigm Events), dedicated to promoting programming.
- AOF has extensive multi-media expertise; including talented video and photography team
- AOF online presence:

ü1,900+ Twitter followers
ü800+ Facebook fans
ü1000+ Youtube hits

+ National Reach
- AOF design competition accepts applications from designers across the country
- Established resources / networks across Canada

+ Cross Promotional Opportunities
- Winner will choose theme
- AOF will promote winner’s blog on all of our social media and marketing materials