Thursday, September 27, 2012

Art of Fashion Raw 2012 - Design Finalists, Part 2!

It time to continue exploring our amazing finalists for this weekend's Art of Fashion Raw 2012 design competition. Are you getting excited yet? We are!

Amy Yuen's entry into the competition explores the five elements of our universe - water, fire, earth, metal and wood. Amy has included her own element - energy - which is evident in her inspired designs. All of the pieces in her collection are interconnected and create a harmonious vibe that is both refreshing and unique.

Tess Elizabeth has created a collection of body-conscious, feminine pieces that reflect the organic nature of the "raw" theme. Incorporating materials such as wooden beads, feathers and organic cotton, Tess's collection is both in tune with nature and luxurious.

Charlotte Ghesquiere and Andrea Kuntz have created a futuristic collection that represents purity, new life and the distortion of innocence. "Orb" is the manifestation of day blending into night and the light piercing through the fog. This is one collection that you must see to believe!

Jennie Uhlman focused her "Undulation" collection for Art of Fashion on pure craftmanship of a garment. Jennie wanted to push the fabrics to their limits, showing how much can be done without the need for other materials. The result is colourful and form-fitting, exposing the strength and backbone of a beautiful piece of fashion.

We've got three more talented designers to show you, so be sure to check back tomorrow! In the meantime, start making your plans for this Saturday night so you can see these amazing designs in person!

Jasmin is a freelance writer currently based in Kingston, ON. 

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