Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This Season’s Hottest Hair Trends

This year’s Art of Fashion Designer Boutique was a great success! For those of you who missed it, it’s only fair that we share with you some of the inspirational hair and beauty presentations that were given at the event.
Our first presenter was Kathleen Sou from Hair on the Avenue. Kathleen let us in on some of the hottest summer hair trends in her presentation “Speak to your Roots”.
Hair Trend #1: Colour is rich, lively and lustrous.
This season, hair colour is full of natural depth and accompanied by prominent tones. The subtle colours are inviting and highlighted with shades of rust, bronze and gold. Kathleen describes browns as being dark and luscious, reds as warm and vivacious, and blondes as delicate and cunning.
Hair Trend #2: Texture is intrinsic and untamed.
Tribal is in. Kathleen reveals this season’s hottest hairstyle and describes it as being wild and free. It’s important to nurture the fluidity of your hair and what’s more – enhance your true texture!
Hair Trend #3: Style is blunt, but not rigid.
It’s all about that doll-face look. Cuts this season are asymmetrical and edgy, yet are able to remain dainty and feminine, enhancing facial features.
Kathleen points out two fashion-forward styles that are in this season: that slightly androgynous cut that takes everyone back to the late 60’s and early 70’s, and the darker, more sultry ‘1940’s film noir’ look.
So if you’re thinking it’s time for a style-change, take into consideration these edgy hair trends and visit Hair on the Avenue!  

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