Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Eco Beauty

At the AoF Designer Boutique, Green Beauty, a full-service spa and hair studio in Toronto, gave an excellent presentation on Eco Beauty. According to Green Beauty, women use an average of 12 products per day, which comes down to almost 168 different ingredients. Beauty product labels can hide things like impurities and ‘unintentional byproducts’, what's more – most cosmetic marketing claims are unregulated.
Eco Beauty refers to beauty products made with natural ingredients. Here are the Top 5 Eco Beauty Myths as presented by Green Beauty:
Myth #1: Eco or green beauty products smell like patchouli and work like crap. Or you have to make them yourself.
Myth #2: There are no sophisticated anti-aging products.
Myth #3: I will never find a good red lipstick.
Myth #4: My hair will feel like straw and never be styled again.
Myth #5: If I wear eco sunscreen I will look pasty
For more information on Eco Beauty products or its benefits, contact Donna at
Green Beauty is located at 3471 Yonge St. Upper Suite, a ten minute walks north of Lawrence Subway.

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