Friday, June 22, 2012

Designs by Albert Yuen

As a young child, Albert Yuen always dreamed of being a successful fashion designer. Today, his elegant collection tells us that dreams don’t have to stay dreams forever. 
After moving to Canada, Albert attended the University of Waterloo and studied Fine Arts. He then moved to Toronto after graduating to study Apparel Design at the Ryerson Polytechnic University. Having acquired a knowledgeable background in fashion design, Albert began working as a designer’s assistant at a leather company. Meanwhile, he began creating a collection of unique pillows.
Albert’s timeless designs have earned him public recognition from a number of fashion competitions. Recently, he was the winner of the Art of Fashion Most Promising Designer Award, and in May 2012, he qualified to be a participant in the America’s Next Top Model Trade Show.
“Through these competitions, I can explore my fancy ideas about fashion and sharpen my design skills.” – Albert Yuen

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