Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Albert Yuen - Catching Up with the 2011 AOF Design Winner!

Building on the success of his win at the 2011 Art of Fashion show, Albert Yuen will be unleashing his first F/W collection for 2013. Drawing cues from starry nights and the stunning beauty of the aurora, Yuen is poised to make a huge splash on the Canadian fashion scene.

The designer sat down with Michelle Planche to talk about his Art of Fashion win, his inspirations and his future plans.

Michelle Planche: What made you realize that you want to get into fashion?
Albert Yuen: I knew I wanted to be in fashion since I was a small child. I was inspired by fashion in magazines, other designers and what consumers were wearing on the street.

Describe your background and experience in the fashion industry.
I studied Fashion Design at Ryerson. After graduating in 1996, I worked in the fashion industry for Kelly Windsor, Tequilla Mockingbird who specialized in women’s clothing. After working for Kelly, I gained further experience working for Lyn Leather Company, designing leather jackets.

Who is your favorite designer?
My favorite designers are Alexander McQueen & John Galliano.

Describe for us your inspiration in creating the winning collection for the 2011 Art of Fashion Design Competition; Choreology?
For me Choreology is all about movement. I was inspired by the dance of nature from the clouds and birds in the sky, to rain drops, trees, dandelions and weeds. In creating the movement of the nature, I have used different kinds of materials, such as paper, fabrics, yarn, beading and feathers.

After participating in The Art of Fashion, was there any major lesson you learned that will help you in your future career?
One of the valuable take-away’s from that experience was the importance of time management when building a collection. I also learned how to work and manage a team to ensure the production of a
smooth collection.

Who would be your dream retail buyer to purchase your collection?
My dream would be to be sold in Holt Renfew, as they always carry the top designers in Canada. I would also love to be showcasing my collection at The Room at the Hudson’s Bay Company.

Credits for all photos: Credits: CREATIVE DIRECTION+VISUAL DESIGN: Pheinixx of Pencil | PHOTOGRAPHY: Irem HARNAK Photography | HAIR+MAKEUP: Julia Hofer
STYLING: Manj Gill of Plutino Group | MODELS: Samantha at Elite Models + Zanana at Elite Models

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