Thursday, September 16, 2010

We've done some amazing fashion installations around town as we gear up for La Belle Epoque and our Nuit Blanche show.  Luckily, photographers Dave and Charlotte were kind enough to immortalize it all on celluloid (if indeed, we can use that term in this day and age) have provided us with some beautiful images.  Feel free to use them, should the urge strike you, but... always be sure to give credit where credit is due!  In this case, a link to Dave and Charlotte's website if used online ( or a small caption underneath.  Their logo is available at  Enjoy!

La Belle Epoque window with live model. Black Daffodil is one of our judges this year. Elizabeth Pinter, the designer in the window, is an Art of Fashion finalist.  To download the full set, select, here:

Clothing by AOF judge, Farley Chatto:

To download the full set, select, here:

2009 AOF Winner for Best Exhibit, Shelia Lam:

To download the full set, select, here:

Models were donated by our sponsor, Orange Models.  Thanks to everyone who helped make our installations a success!

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