Thursday, August 19, 2010

Photos and Judges: La Belle Epoque is coming together

Lots of news on our upcoming design competition!  First, and most important: if you've been thinking of applying for the competition or trunk show, the time has come to get those applications in!

The deadline for application is Tuesday, August 31st - right around the corner!  Visit our website at to download the submission form.

Secondly, we're proud to announce that we've done a beautiful photoshoot to explore the look of this year's theme, La Belle Epoque.  Due to some uploading issues, please check them out on our Twitter and Facebook pages (for now)!

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we're thrilled to announce some of this year's industry judging panels.  We are absolutely honoured to have Cynthia Rea, Sarah Casselman, Liz West and Roy Nicholls confirmed for this year's event. It's names like these that give the design competition so much clout and affirm its standing as a unique opportunity for up-and-coming designers.

Thanks to everyone who's been involved so far, and designers... don't forget to sign up!

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