Sunday, April 18, 2010

AOF Winning Designer Zoran Dobric Rocks Fashion Week

It’s all about the fabric with Art of Fashion 2005 Design Competition winner Zoran Dobric. The flowing silk dresses that dominate his 2010 collection evoke romance and feminity, while Dobric’s signature textile prints lend exoticism and make the pieces bold. The unique prints and the sometimes unexpected mix of textures is what truly makes this a collection of walking art pieces. Tones for 2010 are earthy with bold accents of turquoise and mustard. Details like metal buckles and wool jackets gave the collection edge and really pulled the look together.

Inspired to pursue fashion by a seamstress grandmother, Dobric had access to lots of fabric to play around with while growing up, and that early fascination with fabric is what gives this designer’s style its complexity and richness. The 2010 collection is stupendous. Unlike anything else you’ve seen, yet completely wearable, these unique, soft, universally-flattering pieces could have the power to change fashion trends.

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