Monday, October 5, 2009

And the winners are...

Saturday night's Art of Fashion Iconic Power event was an astounding success thanks to all our fabulous sponsors, Board of Directors, Event Committee, the many day-of volunteers and our silent auction contributors.

We are excited to announce the winning ticket numbers and names from the Silent Auction draw. Please call Renee at 416-760-0360 to redeem your prize.
We will require ID and your ticket.

Booty Camp 375365 Melvin
Ms. Dress Up 375354 Sousa
Wb2 Hand Crafted Jewelry 375364 Rahim
Deer Hurst Resort 375153 Gabriella
Toscanos Men’s Dress Shirt 375371 Caroline
Balm Shell #1 375363 Rahim
Balm Shell #2 375491 Rahim
Balm Shell #3 375099 Patricia
Balm Shell #4 713491 Rahim
Chair Man Mills 375305 McKenzie
Zoran Dobric Dress 375329 Holly
Wiser’s Whisky 375343 Lily
Lush Bath & Body Products 375331 Monica
Jason Meyers Dress 375090 Shanas
Spellbound Design 375182 Karryn
Cosimo’s Mens 375209 Joanna
Fatimas Café and Bistro 375293 Angelina
Wild Water Kingdom 713479 Shirley
Ladies Golf Club 713466 Brock
Sassoon Salon 375243 Joanne
Cosimos Women 375312 Jennifer
Bob Hill by Arato Events 713447
Duke of West Minster 375114 Collette
Picnic Time Kit 375175 Collette
French Connection Dress 713467 Brock
Good Life Fitness 375275 Warren
Mysteriously Yours 375219 Joanna
Corpus Ladies Striped Dress 375400 Caroline
Dalish 375352 Annet
Fairmont Hotel 375278 Frank
Red and White Wine Basket 375336 Chantelle
Tim Horton’s Coffee Maker & Mug 375207 Joanna
Wine Art Cheese Crate 375253 Sousa
Dress by Dace 713459 Brock
Belgian Waffle Maker 375342 Lily
Necklace by: Kaza Daza 713460 Brock
Delta Chelsea Hotel 375096 Jane Lee


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